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Your lab results are transformed into an easy-to-read narrative about your health status.




All lab results are interpreted by a Medical Doctor.

Lab results mean more when explained in context.


labs_after_2Actual Excerpt from ‘Essential Hormone Profile’ for Females:

“In your case, high cortisol may not only affect thyroid function but can also causes resistance to insulin, estrogen and progesterone. When cortisol is high, these hormones seem to lose their power and the body tries to compensate by raising their levels. It’s also a very odd phenomenon that high cortisol can trigger resistance to cortisol itself. In other words, the more cortisol you make, the more your body needs to make in order to get the same results. The combination of high cortisol, thyroid dysfunction and high insulin will little by little make an individual begin to store fat rather that use it for energy. Once your TSH normalizes, you should re-test to see what the baseline cortisol level in your body is.

Better health is not a science problem, it’s an information problem.


cycle-part2_2YOUR BODY: Get empirical data on your body’s hormone & nutritional status. Leverage this information to improve the quality of your life.


cycle-part4_2UNDERSTAND YOURSELF: Our interpretation reports are easy to understand and explain what your lab results mean in context of your overall health.


cycle-part3APPLY YOUR KNOWLEDGE: Understanding what your hormonal and nutritional levels mean will help in making wiser choices for yourself.


cycle-part1TAKE ACTION: Having a baseline of your lab results will vastly improve that way you manage your health.



Everyone feels rundown, lethargic, stressed out or just out of balance. The medical industry has taught us that drugs are the answer. The truth is they only mask the real symptoms experienced by your hormone levels. We provide testing solutions that translate the complete picture of your health told by numbers into a roadmap that restores your health and helps you feel like yourself again.



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